December Designer Highlight: Bela Begonias

Happy holidays! It’s that time of year for gift giving and shopping, so why not shop local and help out a neighbor? Bela Begonias is the perfect gift for this merry season. 

Several pieces from the Tiny Wanderlust Tag Collection

Several pieces from the Tiny Wanderlust Tag Collection

Bethany, the founder and owner, started creating her masterpieces in a humble attic office space.  She has been interested in arts and crafts her whole life, but worked in business management in fashion companies. It never felt complete though.  Encouraged by her loving husband and starting off with a pottery wheel she received for a wedding gift, Bethany decided to take a leap of faith and pursue arts and crafts as a career. Everything she does is self taught and crafted from pure curiosity. Eventually, she was able to move out to a studio to create more and perfect her art.

All of the pieces are handmade with love, thought, and care. The stones, gems, and crystals used in the jewelry have been collected throughout her adventures in life. Bethany is an adventurer. She has travelled a lot and uses her experiences as inspiration for her work. You can see a repetitive theme focused on nature, the people around her, and Nashville.

Talking about the Tiny Wanderlust Tag Collection, she states, " I've always just loved the design element. These appear over and over in nature, Native American culture, symbols, art, and ancient civilization".

Having spent a majority of her life in the Appalachian mountains from east Tennessee to Asheville, her site states, "Her art is an organic reflection...heavily influenced by nature, earth tones, the beach and ocean, the southwest and countless other wonders this world creates". 

Bethany is a great example of a strong woman entrepreneur.  Running her own business is a blessing that she never expected. She ran businesses for other people for so long, but now has the opportunity to do things her way.  It can be overwhelming, but she is learning and growing splendidly along with her business.

By Jennifer Mouthouta