April Designer Highlight: Zoey Bloom

Bloom Your Walls with Zoey

Our very own student designer, Zoey Bloom, started her wall hanging creations the summer before her junior year at Belmont. She saw the intricate yarn wall hangs for the first time while exploring one of her favorite home good shops.

Zoey has a passion for exploring independent home goods stores here in Nashville and in her hometown, Chicago. This combined with her passion for interior design, she was inspired to create these wall hangings herself.

“I ended up falling in love with having something on the wall that has texture and that moves with the breeze of a fan. I think that these pieces really help the place I’m living feel more like home,” says Zoey.

Alongside her passion for design, Zoey loves to Travel. She finds that traveling gives her the opportunity to witness the beauty of other cultures. Her travels give her the chance to build upon her photography and cooking hobbies.

“I have found that the more I learn about the world and the endlessly inspiring things within it, the more I realize that my relationships and my personal happiness should be higher priority than my ambitions and status,” says Zoey.

Zoey plans on continuing to create the wall hangings for friends and herself when she graduates, but has many dreams that she wishes to pursue. She would like to continue to build upon her learning experiences in and out of the classroom. “If there is one thing I’ve learned in college, it is that I never want to stop learning,”.

Written by Emelie Harris