Happy Galentine's Day!

Here at House Of, we're always looking for reasons to celebrate fashion and girl power. So naturally, we couldn't pass up the chance to celebrate Galentine's Day! We got all dressed up in our best red and pink outfits for a night of food, fun, and friendship that would make Leslie Knope proud.

And in the true spirit of Galentine's Day, we wanted to share our party with all of you. Galentine's Day may be almost over, but any day is a good day to celebrate the wonderful women in your life!

The Food: I think it's safe to say the food was the highlight of the evening. We spent most of the night eating, and though I definitely regretted it in the morning, it was absolutely delicious.

Galentine's Day wouldn't be complete without sugar, and we certainly had plenty at this party. We served homemade raspberry Nutella truffles and chocolate meringues, along with a chocolate fondue that was super easy and fun to make! We also made sure we had plenty of Hershey's Kisses and conversation hearts, throwing it back a little to those elementary school Valentine's parties. 

We wanted to make sure to balance the sweet with the savory, so we also served mini crustless quiches (heart-shaped of course!) and a meat and cheese plate that was to die for. 


The Drinks: This perfectly pink raspberry punch was so easy to make (it's just frozen lemonade, frozen pineapple juice, Sprite, club soda, and raspberry sorbet), and people loved it! We also had sparkling grape juice and fruit-infused water.


The Decorations: It can be hard sometimes to make an on-campus apartment feel cute and homey, but with a little determination and a lot of help from Pinterest and the Target $3 section, I think we pulled it off! 


We also made a photo wall with this "love" balloon from Target and some cute little photobooth props. We were all dressed up anyway, we might as well get some cute pictures out of it!


My personal favorite part of the evening was this little note-writing station. We all got to take some time to share encouragement and love, it was the perfect way to end the night!

Happy Galentine's Day from all of us at House Of! We hope your day is as wonderful as ours was!


Written by Bronte Lebo