The story of Henri Rose is one of humility and faith. The intention of our company has always been to aid in the freedom of women in Cambodia who have been trafficked or live in areas where they are vulnerable to trafficking. We're helping restore survivors through ethical, high quality, loungewear. Henri Rose creates freedom through income generation, and enables a new generation of women to break through poverty and follow their dreams. 

The women employed by Henri Rose are rescued from brothels in Cambodia through our partner organization. They are then able to secure sustainable jobs for themselves and their families by working in a sewing and screen printing center. The women are also able to receive healthcare, childcare and the opportunity to continue their academic education. 

At Henri Rose, we believe in meeting people where they are at. We do not assume that we know how to run a successful business in Cambodia more than an indigenous Cambodian would. Because of this belief we were extremely intentional when searching for an organization to partner with. Our partner organization employs native Cambodians to facilitate the day to day responsibilities in the sewing center. Our trust in our manufacturing partner allows the survivors we work with to achieve the best quality of life possible for them and their communities to succeed. 

Henri Rose believes in never sacrificing on quality or trends, even while you're sleeping! Style is extremely important to us, and we hope to always produce items that are beautiful, timeless and elegant. Our loungewear is handmade, using only the best quality fabrics sourced in Vietnam. 

Each of our print designs were inspired by all aspects of life. We've got designs ranging from telling the story of the beauty of broken pieces all the way to our take on the late Van Gogh's art. We want our customers to feel beautiful, stylish and elegant- making getting ready for bed full of luxury and relaxation, instead of a chore. 

We don't want our customers to have to choose between responsibly made products and products that are beautiful, well made and on trend. We at Henri Rose promise to always create products that you'll want to show off. We want your collection of Henri Rose loungewear to feel just as special as you are.